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Square Back: Fantastic at getting through fine coats, as well as combing through faces, ears, and feet. Perfect for helping with final touches during grooming, ensuring the best finish. 5.9 Inches long. Mini comb Round back. Pin length:22 mm. Double Width: Professional double width comb with blue aluminum oval grip. Made specifically with Dog Shows and Grooming Competitions in mind, where the perfect finish is of utmost importance. The special thin teeth help to reach deep into the coat, combing up every hair without leaving behind any lines. Reduces static in the coat, helping separate hairs that are sticking to one another. Effortlessly glides through the coat, giving maximum volume. Works perfectly at getting through any type of coat, from root to tip. Extremely lightweight, making it very easy on the wrist and hands. Ideal for all breeds. Total length:7.5″ Tooth length 1.2″ Giant: Versatile in use, can be used on nearly any kind of coat. Great at reaching through the thickest of coats to stand the hair straight up, making it easier to get the smoothest finish possible during grooming. Wide spaced pins work perfectly for setting Poodle Spray-Ups. 49 Wide-Set Pins, as well as 18 Narrow Pin Length: 1.4″ Comb Length: 9.75″

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Square Back, Double Width Comb with Fine Teeth, Giant 49 Teeth – 18 Fine, Long Pins


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