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If your’re looking for spare parts for your booster bath, we might have what you need. Replacement leg for XL Booster Bath: The XL Booster Bath is a one-piece tub with legs that connect via nuts and bolts Booster Bath XL Hose: Flexible 5’ drain hose for the XL Booster Bath. Allows for easy drainage and simple cleanup. The XL hose connects to the XL Booster Bath via screw cap. Bolts, Mat Retainers, Black Rubber Washers, and Black Eye Bolt Washers sold in sets of 4.

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Shampoo Caddy for XL Booster Bath, Replacement leg for XL Booster Bath, XL Leash Restraint, Booster Bath Fan Nozzle, Booster Bath XL Hose, Star nuts for leash eye bolts, Star Nuts for Legs, Drain Screw Cap, Mat Retainers, Leg Bolts, Black Eye Bolt Washer, Black Rubber Washer, XL Hardware Bag


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