Dream Cloud Posture Pet Mattress


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This is an 18″x24″ x 5.5″ pet mattress, new in the original plastic bag. It looks and feels just like a real, full size mattress, except it was designed specifically for pets. One side of the bed is for summer and the other side is for winter. A space age foil reflector uses your pet’s own body temperature to make the bed warm in the winter and when you flip it over, it reflects the ground heat away in the summer to help keep your pet cool. The top cover is 3″ of convoluted foam to help align the spine and shoulders, adding additional comfort. The egg crated hospital type foam provides body fitting comfort with full air circulation for a dry bed. The mattress is over 5″ thick, keeping your pet well off the cold or hot floor. The zippered top can be removed, easily allowing you to clean it or to add flea powder or other repellent. To clean, just soak in cold water and let it air dry. Ships in a large plastic bag.


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