Kennel Peak Roof Kit 5′ x 10′

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This is a peak roof kit for a 5′ x 10′ animal enclosure. They appear to be manufactured by Animal Supplies International, Inc., but they should fit any kennel of this size. The frame is made of 1″ steel pipe. The pipe frame is held together by the tension of the tarp and bungees, so you may want to consider a more permanent means to hold it together (screws, welds, spring pin, etc.) The Tarp appears to be the standard outdoor tarp with grommets. Ball bungees are included in the box. This model comes in two colors – Green and Black These can also be used for covering chicken coops, flower beds and vegetable gardens! They are new and in a sealed box. There is a patent number on the box that reads D614, 815. The company is either out of business or hiding off grid somewhere!

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