Lumino Diatomaceous Earth for Pets

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Lumino Diatomaceous Earth for Pets is a mechanical flea killer. Fleas cannot become immune to it’s action. Fleas come in contact with this powder and die within 48 hours. For Dogs and Cats Lumino Diatomaceous Earth for Pets and People is USDA Food Grade and has a myriad of uses around the house. Use Lumino Diatomaceous Earth in refrigerators, pet bedding & kitty litter boxes for odor control. Can be used as a non-toxic cleaner around the house. Mix with water as a paste and use to clean silver. Can even be used with toothpaste to add extra polish to your teeth while brushing. The silicon dioxide and trace minerals mix can be taken orally as immune support for pets and people. Lumino Diatomaceous Earth for Pets and People contains a USDA Food Grade blend of ingredients 89-94% silicon dioxide Plus 28 trace minerals

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9 Oz Jar, 4 Lb Bag


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