NutriSource® Grain Free Liver Dog Biscuits 14 Oz


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NutriSource® Grain Free Liver Biscuits are a delicious treat for your dog. Made with real fruits and vegetables, this is a biscuit your dog will love!. At NutriSource® we believe every dog should enjoy a treat now and then Our drool worthy biscuits are a crunchy reward for any occasion Our fresh baked biscuits include a wide variety of fruits and vegtables as well as Carni-King, a concentrated source of bioavailable L-Carnitine that helps build a lean body by helping your happy pet burn fat With NutriSource® you can treat guilt free – the best way to build a happy healthy family! Over 75 pcs – Made with nutrient dense beef Liver, a meaty flavor that finicky dogs crave – That’s a lot of happiness in one package Training Bites – Sit, Rollover, Drool – Not necessarily in that order!


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