Paracord Lead with Swivel and Choke Collar

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These leads are made from strong paracord. They feature a 42″ lead that ends in a swivel and a choke collar. This all in one lead and collar is perfect for the ring or just going for a stroll. The collar sizes are approximate. Each size varies by as much as an inch bigger or smaller. If you’re uncertain of the exact size, purchase the one larger than you think you may need.

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Black, 10", Black, 8", Brown, 23", Brown, 10", Green, 23", Green, 20", Green, 19", Green, 16", Green, 14", Green, 11", Green, 10", Purple, 23", Purple, 20", Purple, 16", Purple, 14", Purple, 11", Purple, 9", White, 11", Light Brown, 23", Light Brown, 20", Light Brown, 11", Light Brown, 10", Dark Brown, 23", Dark Brown, 20", Dark Brown, 16", Dark Brown, 11", Dark Brown, 10"


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