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Pure Paw No Rinse Shampoo (Ultra No Rinse Shampoo) says it all. This shampoo was designed to help clean your dog without the need to rinse. And with no added colors there is no need to worry about our shampoo altering your dog’s coat color. This product is perfect for any color coat. For best results with this shampoo, we suggest spraying your dog with the shampoo, then towel and blow dry. Always take precautions when grooming your dog to avoid getting any shampoo products in the dog’s eyes. Dry applications: To clean your dog spray liberally onto the coat and towel dry. For optimal results follow with a damp cloth to remove all residue. For show applications lightly spray onto the coat and blow dry. This will serve dual purpose of nuetralizing any unwanted odors as well as enhancing the dogs natural coat color through the effect of optical brightening prisms. (Above proceedures are not recommended for drop coated breeds). For treatment of Tear Staining and Beard Staining apply directly to the area that is problematic. Work into the coat. This will not result in immediate results but with repeated daily use the coat will become whiter. Allow approximately 1-2 weeks to see a dramatic difference. For optimal results follow with a damp cloth to remove all residue. Use for treating urine stains and last minute accidents. Spray directly onto the pee area and work product into coat following the growth pattern of the hair and dry. For optimal results follow with a damp cloth to remove all residue. Wet application: Great as an overall cleansening agent. You can use this for cleaning up puppies as pre-treatmentment prior to a bath. Spray into the area that needs most attention and work into the coat. Rinse and then proceed with normal bathing routine. Also, can be used when bathing your dog as a treatment to help brighten the coat. Make sure to use in a spray application when applying due to the consistancy of the product


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